Vinamotor Vietnam Group has been established and developed since 1993 and in equitization since 2008. The group has run in different business lines including underlying companies and shareholder companies.

The group has owned 20 branches in 13 provinces. In addition, the group has also had:

    • 20 service and automobile dealers authorized by Honda
    • 05 agencies for domestic automobile: 01 Nissan, 01 Honda, 01 Ford, 01 Mercedes-Benz, 01 Vinfast
    • Luxury Car Rental
    • Business on transport
    • Mineral exploitation and processing
    • Real estate

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General information 

Vinamotor Viet Nam Group
    • Certificate of business number: 0102708666 was allocated by Investment and scheme service Ha Noi city.
    • Abbreviate name: Vinamotor Viet Nam Group
    • Headoffice : Veam Building, 689 Lac Long Quan, Phu Thuong Ward, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi
    • Điện thoại: 02422370488                   Fax: 0437678119
    • Total of worker, officer in the company and the subsidiary companies: 2000 peoles

The company unit of Vinamotor company.

    1. Vietnam Vinamotor Corporation
    2. Thai Nguyen Motorcycle Trading Service Co., Ltd (Vinamotor Thai Nguyen)
    3. Molybden Vietnam Joint Stock Company
    4. Antimony Vietnam Joint Stock Company
    5. Apatite Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Apatite Viet Nam joint stock company)
    6. Titan Vietnam joint stock company (Titan Viet Nam joint stock company)
    7. Vinamotor Nghe An Co., Ltd (Mercedes-benz Nghe An)
    8. Vinamotor Automobile Joint Stock Company (Honda Automobile Thai Nguyen)
    9. Vinamotor Motorcycle Joint Stock Company (Nissan Thai Nguyen)
    10. IMI Hanoi Transport Joint Stock Company
    11. TNF Automobile Joint Stock Company (Ford Thai Nguyen)
    12. Vinamotor Vietnam Co., Ltd
    13. Vinamotor Automobile and Motorcycle Co., Ltd
    14. Auto Vietnam Joint Stock Company
    15. Thang Loi Quang Tri Automobile Joint Stock Company
    16. Vinamotor Quang Tri Joint Stock Company
    17. Dai Loi Nha Trang Co., Ltd

Affiliated branches:

The braches of company

Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Ha Tay, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, Hoa Binh, Quang Ninh, Nghe An and Dong Nai.

Corporation Model: